Meet the Team

Jenny Love Liotta, Project Accountant

Jenny, originally from the vibrant Philippines, has seamlessly blended her expertise in HRM and Accounting with her passion for the construction industry. With a robust six-year tenure in construction, she has accomplished remarkable feats, from successful property investments to freelancing for budding entrepreneurs.

As the go-to person at TruClad, Jenny is instrumental in maintaining the smooth operation of the office, ensuring its stability and success. Outside of work, her adventurous spirit shines through her love for travel, having explored various countries and experienced diverse cultures. Jenny’s heart belongs to the beach, relishing the sun and waves, as well as indulging in road trips, savoring the journey and the destinations they lead to.

Equally, Jenny finds joy in the simpler pleasures of life, cherishing quality time spent at home, cooking with her husband, and creating beautiful memories with her beloved dog. Her passion for both the professional and personal aspects of life is a testament to her multifaceted and dynamic character.