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Glazing encompasses the fitting of glass panes within frames, facilitating a functional and often decorative aspect of the building’s outer shell. Glazing provides benefits like thermal and sound insulation, safety features, design flexibility, UV protection, and the ability to customize aesthetics, making it a crucial element in modern building design.


Storefront Glass

The aesthetic appeal of storefront glass adds a modern and attractive look to the building. Additionally, it allows for ample natural light, promoting a pleasant shopping environment and reducing energy consumption. With customizable options and easy maintenance, storefront glass is a valuable investment that can boost a store’s image, security, and resale value.


Curtain Wall

Curtain walls offer architectural versatility and aesthetic appeal, allowing for flexible and visually striking designs. They optimize natural lighting, enhance energy efficiency, and provide effective thermal and sound insulation. With weather resistance and structural integrity, curtain walls ensure durability and reduce maintenance. Customizable and sustainable, they streamline construction processes, making them a popular choice in modern architecture for their form, function, and sustainability.



Incorporating effective sunscreens into glazing design is essential for achieving energy efficiency, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, and enhancing the aesthetics of a building. It’s an integral part of modern architectural strategies to balance natural light and solar heat gain.



Plays a significant role in the building’s aesthetics, functionality, and overall architectural design. It serves as a protective barrier, defining the building’s appearance and character while providing various practical benefits.


Automatic Door

Automatic doors are a practical and efficient solution for a wide range of settings, including retail outlets, office buildings, healthcare facilities, airports, and public buildings, enhancing both convenience and safety for users.

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A rainscreen is a protective cladding system applied to the exterior of a building to manage moisture and improve its thermal performance. The system is designed to create a ventilated airspace between the cladding and the building’s structural wall, allowing any water that penetrates the outer surface to drain and evaporate.

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